where is Gecko in packman 11.3 ?

just upgraded to 11.3 . the new packman repo for 11.3 is not containing many packages like in previous 11.2 . i can’t find mplayer plugin for firefox and also Gecko which were existing in 11.2.
what is the problem with Packman 11.3 repo? and where to get Gecko ,


It’s not there yet–patience…

If it is a “must have”, just manually get it from packman for 11.2 until it gets populated into the 11.3 repo. You will also need gnome-mplayer. They will work fine until newer versions come along. There are a lot of packages built and maintained by volunteers, so it takes a couple of weeks before they fully bloom with new releases. I see a lot of comparisons with Ubuntu packages “always being ready”, but they piggyback Debian’s repos, and don’t have to manually build each of the thousands of pieces of software.

PackMan :: home

Actually, if you really need it - add this repo
Index of /repositories/home:/RedDwarf/openSUSE_11.3

Oh, thanks. I’d forgotten about Red Dwarf repo. I installed Gecko media player and it is working here.