Where is fetchmailrc in OpenSuSE 11.1?

Dear all,

I need help.
I wondering where is the fetchmailrc gone in OpenSuSE 11.1?
In the Yast->Software Management it says that there should be /etc/fetchmailrc but I didn’t find any. I’m using GNOME.

/etc/fetchmailrc is fine …
Did you install fetchmail?

win@ara [722]$ rpm -ql fetchmail|grep fetchmailrc


For recent newbies that see this post:
I came across this post by googling ‘wheres fetchmailrc’.
I installed ‘fetchmail’, went to the fetchmail manual on the fetchmail website; this link as of 7 Dec 2009, and saw it required the editing of ‘.fetchmailrc’ in the user’s home directory.
I’m not using Open SUSE, but I installed fetchmailconf, ran fetmailconf from terminal (in GNOME). I didn’t set anything up, I just saved the settings.
Then when I went to my users main directory i.e. /home/myuser/, I found ‘.fetchmailrc’ had been created.
Woop! :slight_smile: