Where is applicatrion specified which starts up when I login ?

I installed the autokey-qt package and see that Autokey starts up when I have logged in. However, when Autokey starts it displays its main window whereas I would like it to start and hide its main window. I searched for where Autokey is started when I login, but could not find it. It is not in my login .profile and when I open the KDE Configure Desktop and look at the Workspace | Startup and Shutdown settings I do not see it there either. Does anyone know:

  1. Where autokey-qt is specified to startup when I login, or maybe when the system boots
  2. How I can change it so that it hides its main window when it starts up rather than displays its main window.

I believe 2) is that it will only show its main window when invoked with the ā€˜-cā€™ option. But I do not know where to find the autokey-qt startup invocation in order to change it.

From reading the code of the app, I guess the autostart entry is created in ~/.kde4/share/autostart or ~/.kde4/Autostart. In any case, as it is a KDE4 app, it might not show up in systemsettings unless you use KDE4 on Leap 42.2. Plasma 5 uses different dirs for autostarts.