Where is 4.3 RC1

I wonder where is KDE 4.3 RC1 ??
All i have on the Factory repo for KDE is 4.2.90 while in the OBS i can see that there’s 4.2.95.

Anyone got idea what’s wrong?

i was kinda wondering the same thing:O

Hell, if i would want i’d download every package one by one but i don’t like it so much to bother doing this :smiley:

I wonder what’s blocking to publish this?

It hasn’t been posted on kde.org yet either.

There were probably last minute fixes that have pushed their release back a couple of days. It wouldn’t be the first time. Does anyone know What will be RC1’s version number?

Downloading right now. The RC1 is 4.2.95

well updating now myself hope i don’t have the problems caf did when he updated cause i have the 4 different wallpapers and a custom plasma theme that i customized myself made it more transparent cross your fingers lol

just to update i did have a little problem like cat had with the different wallpapers just had to reconfigure it and log out and back in now the only other problem is stasks isn’t working again but thats not a big deal so the update all in all is a success

Yes, stask is the problem. I don’t even see it in the panel. There were some changes introduced that made it “broken”. Ehhh, i loved stask!! Why did You have to take it away from me:’(

P.S. Someone posted a patch to stask, i’ll have a look at it :wink:

K let me know what you find out cause i really like stask myself

I managed to patch it and succesfully build and install it
Now it works like a charm.
I’ll try to build it with OBS(i’ll use some guys spec file as i’m not really good with that).

BenderBendingRodriguez wrote:

> Downloading right now. The RC1 is 4.2.95
What repo?

upscope wrote:

> BenderBendingRodriguez wrote:
>> Downloading right now. The RC1 is 4.2.95
> What repo?

I’m using KDE repos at -

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