Where in Suse 11.0 do you tell KDE to launch Digikam

when you plug in a digital camera. A while back I found a place that I entered digikam to automatically come up when KDE detects my camera/storage card. I forget where it was. I need to make changes.


It is simple to change settings of actions done after any device is plugged in KDE 3.x:

  • Open KDE Control Centre (should be in favorites in SuSE menu)
  • Go to Peripheries > Storage Devices.
  • Select device and actions you want to do/change
    In KDE 4.x I did not investigated it yet :frowning: I found only Notification applet

Under Peripherals > Storage Media…I see a list of things, then I click on digikam download/digikam autodetect photos…and it won’t let me do a thing! I can only highlight what I want, but that is all. I was hoping I could click on properties next to make the changes.