Where/how to see folders during VPN session?

Dear community,

I’m completely new to openSUSE (running 13.2 x64), but I’ve been an avid user of several Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Mint and Crunchbang for quite a while.
However, I’ve never tried using any VPN services on Linux so I’m a little lost here. Having followed the instructions from my workplace, I’m now having a stable VPN connection - according to KVpnc.
But since all my VPN knowledge comes from my Windows days, one ridiculously simple question remains: Where and how can I see the folders and files on the drive I’m apparently connected to?

Thanks for clarifying,

The principles to access network shares or machines from a Linux box is no different than any other distro or OS (even Windows) although with Windows you may be more familiar with user tools.

Once a VPN has been set up properly, then you can “find” machines and configure access as usual…

  • If the machines are part of the same Workgroup or Domain, then you should be able to find and browse machines. If name resolution is a problem, then you can still configure your local Hosts file to point to machines.
  • Accessing network shares and file resources is as always although in Windows you may have been shielded from some underlying basics… You need to mount a remote location specifying protocol and path.

Once the above has been done, then provided the Server has also been set up properly, you can use any tool or console to access files in the remote share.

If you have a Desktop installed like KDE, then there can also be some automatic tools that will perform the manual work more or less like in Windows… So, an early try if you have KDE installed is to try to browse to the network share using Dolphin.