Where Have All The Headers Gone?

Greetings All,

A recent kernel update seems to have misplaced the Kernel Headers.
VMWare needs these headers and cannot find them. Attempting to
run VMWARE gets the message:

Kernel headers for version were not found.

Does anyone have any idea where they might be hiding?

Thanx in advance.


Kernel-headers is a package to be seen by YaST > Software > Software management. But when it was installed allrady earlier, it will still be there.

try here:-

Index of /update/11.2/rpm/noarch

linux-kernel-headers with a different version - openSUSE Forums

Chances are you want kernel-source- or kernel--devel- matching your running version. linux-kernel-headers is intended for compiling user space programs. When compiling drivers you want the source (which includes internal header files).