Where has the login screen gone?

Hello all,

I have a computer with only suse 10.3 installed (no windows) and have been using it for about a year. When the computer boots it always goes to the kdm login screen and I use kde as the default desktop.

The other night I rebooted the computer and instead of the kdm screen I get a screen that I’ve never seen before. After logging in I am taken to fwm2 desktop.

I’ve googled for hours and can’t really find anything except a few references to inittab file which I checked and seems to be OK.

I have also checked /etc/sysconfig in Yast and kdm is set as the default login with kde as the default desktop but it still boots into fwm2.

Is it possible that the automatic updates have screwed up some configuration files? If so, anyone know which files I should check?

Failing this I may have to do a full reinstall from backups?

When you get to the login screen, on bottom left hand corner there should be a link labelled “session type” to switch desktops. Does that work for you?

Thank you for asking.

The login screen I get is totally grey with the suse logo at centre top. Below that is a field to enter username and then password. Bottom left of the screen is a text box labelled “console log for linux-oagc”

When the username and password is entered it immediately goes to fvwm2 desktop.

I am looking through my backups manually to find any changed files. So far I’ve found that a file called kdmrc was missing but kdmrc.bak existed. I restored the file, rebooted but no change yet.

Any thoughts would be most welcome as I’m totally stuck and searching through manuals and google have not helped.

Sorry, out of my depth now

Figured out the problem! It turns out that KDE3 had been mostly unistalled.

I do not know what caused it. At no time did I intentionally uninstall kde.

Anyway, it’s working now but am beginning to be a little nervous about the suse’s stability