Where has the documentation gone?

It may be 2 months ago, not much more, that I found documentation for “Reference | openSUSE Leap 15.1” under the link


this is dead now.

Or hints and advices for a zypper dup under titled “13 Upgrading the System and System Changes | Start-Up | openSUSE Leap 15.1”

under the link


All this is gone now.


Probably changed around?


It appears to be off-line currently.

Quite a bit is offline
Not sure why

“We’ve been experiencing sporadic outages of our web assets and generic network connectivity issues throughout most of the day. The reasons are not yet fully understood, and are still being investigated. For the time being we’ve made some adjustments to our HA setup and haven’t seen the issues since then, but further investigations will be needed. Feel free to make us aware of any network issues you’re experiencing via ticket(s) and some network debugging output (ping, mtr, traceroute), so that we can gather more data to properly identify the problem.”

from: https://status.opensuse.org/

These links work fine now.