Where has php5-imagick gone?

I used to run Apache + PHP5 + MySQL + ImageMagick locally, as a testing server for a project I’m working on. A while ago I updated a few things, with the php5-imagick library not matching dependency version numbers anymore. I decided to ignore it, since there was no update for the library. I have been without an internet connection in the meantime, but php5-imagick didn’t work anymore at all. It didn’t return any errors, but it simply didn’t modify anything about the pictures anymore. A few minutes ago I decided to manually uninstall and reinstall the php5-imagick package.
Uninstalling went fine. But when I wanted to reinstall it, the package was nowhere to be found! A quick Google search turned up no relevant results.

Can anyone tell me where this library has gone, or what it has been replaced with (if that’s the case)? It’s fairly crucial for my project to work.

What release of openSUSE? There are contrib packages by Christian Stocker, search from software.opensuse.org/search. Just add the appropriate repo and you will find it in your package candidates.

I’m currently using 11.3.

Really, it’s funny how you can be breaking your head over something for days or even weeks, and 5 minutes after posting a forum topic you find the answer.

To help others with the same problem… After adding the following repository to my repository list, I could install php5-imagick again and ImageMagick appears to be communicating with PHP again:
Index of /repositories/server:/php:/extensions/openSUSE_11.3

EDIT: I was cheering too soon. According to my phpinfo, the extension is loaded successfully, but still nothing is actually happening. I have a script setup to colorize an image… but it doesn’t colorize anything. Let’s see if other ImageMagick scripts work.

After some playing around, it seems only the ColorizeImage function isn’t working anymore. Distortion (an example I copied from a blog) works just fine, so the library IS communicating.
I’ve doublechecked the arguments I pass, and really nothing has changed… neither has the documentation on PHP.net.
Should I file this as a bug report on the imagick library, or is there a possible other cause for it not to work?

File a bug report with the packager, the packager may have more insight into it or if not, pass it upstream.

BTW you may have to recheck for new package versions whenever php5 gets updated because modules may be version dependent.

Thank you, joepie91
After adding the extension repositories I could also install php5-imagick-2.2.2-3.3.i586 on my servers. Was already looking into rebuilding php5 from scratch when I found this very useful thread here. Thanks ! lol!