Where does Yast installed apps go?

I finally updated to 11.1 today.
I installed transmission with Yast, but I don’t know where it installed it so that I can launch it.
Tried searching, cant find it.
Could someone tell me where it install the application, or how I can find it?


If you search for the application you installed in Yast Software Management, you can change the tab to File List, and this will tell you where the application is. The standard place for programs is /usr/bin so you can check there for the application.

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rpm -ql <name-of-package>

I took the liberty of installing transmission from Yast, here is the most relevant part of File List.


So, you can open a terminal up and type xmission and it will load. You can also try any of the other ones in that usr/bin directory.

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if he only has the transmission package, he only gets the CLI version. He also must install transmission-gtk or similar to get a GUI

Thanks for the help!

found xmission!
and it opens it.
Is there a way to put a shortcut on the desktop?
(newbie here) :shame:

yup, if using kde4, righ-click on desktop and make application link (you need classic folder view mode for that) dunno, about gnome

I am using gnome.
When I did click on xmission and it lanuched it, it showed the application on the bottom right, but I could not click on it to restore it, or close it, there was just the icon, no control.

I have the same problem with it. You may need to install the other GUI, which is if I remember in the transmission-gtk package. If you install this package, it should put an icon in the menu

Many Thanks!
I downloaded the other package, and it now shows up correctly as an app.
However, it doesnt seem to be functioning correctly. I cant ‘open’ a URL for download.
Maybe it doesnt work well with my system.
At least I figured out how to open it.
Thank you again.

hmmm, works just fine here, although i dont use transmission that much. mostly ktorrent and Vuze. You can also try Deluge which is also in the packman repo

I just downloaded deluge.
Funny thing is, when I was using it in opensuse 10.3, it had a search function built in (even though it opened a browser for the results), this version doesnt. And It says there is an update for it, but it doesnt show up on Yast, so I am not going to try to ‘update’ it on my own.

yup, I get the same update notification. Just ignore it until packman releases an updated package. No idea about the search function.