Where does KDE end and openSUSE begin?

I’m running the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop/ repositories on nearly all my machines. I love KDE 4.2, but it’s by no means perfect yet. I’m just not sure where to send bug reports. Seems like before 4.2 hit RC, the openSUSE packages were pretty much packaged straight from /trunk. Once it hit RC, and the packages moved from UNSTABLE: to Factory, I see more and more openSUSE “tweaks” (like the theme and the gecko icon for Kickoff).

So, yeah, where does /branch end and openSUSE begin? Where should bug reports go? bugs.kde.org, buzilla.novell.com, both?

Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but reading planetkde, I see some developers get annoyed when they fixed something a while back but distro packagers haven’t picked it up…

Send bug reports to Novell’s bugzilla. The OpenSUSE developers can decide if it’s something that should be fixed upstream or something they can fix and send the fix upstream, or something they stuffed up themselves.