Where does Grub.cfg get it's menus?

I have a dual boot Win8/SUSE 12.3 installation. When the grub menu displays, it has 3 listings: SUSE 12.3, Avanced SUSE 12.3 and Windows 8 Recovery (on sda1). The Win8 listing is not really the recovery mode. It just starts up Win 8. I edited the listing in Grub.cfg (I removed the word “Recovery”) but the next time I changed the configuration, it changed the listing back to what it was. I have looked for it in the files that Grub uses to create Grub.cfg but I can’t find it. Also, why does Grub think that it is Win 8 Recovery in the first place?

It is probably using the “ntloader” program in the recovery partition.

On my Win7 box, there are two boot entries for Windows. One is for Windows and the other for Windows recovery. Both boot the full Win7 system, though they use different BCD databases in Windows. I’m not sure, but I think that if I were to install Windows bit-locker encryption, then only booting with the recovery partition would work. It has to then setup the crypto to access the main partition.

The grub entry is being generated via the probing of other systems (“os-prober”).

I doubt it actually says Win 8. Most likely it just says “Windows Recovery Environment” without any version. It happens because os-prober in 12.3 did not check for Windows 8. If you care, open bug report and post number here so update can be issued.

You are right. The actual entry is:

Windows Recovery Environment (loader) (on /dev/sda1)