Where do these popups come from?

I am constantly getting these text pop ups. its white text on a black background. For example one says “Text language. Right-click to set character or paragraph language” another says stuff about Zoom factor
I see this in Leap 15.1 as well as Tumbleweed. Even tho they suggest right clicking, that does nothing, I’ve tried many times.
I don’t know if they are kde messages, firefox, konsole or where they come from
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of these?

Rather vague :wink: … Screen shot perhaps may help.

The example you gave comes from LibreOffice when you mouse-over the “Language” setting in the status bar… as does the “Zoom factor”, (Lower right LO status Bar).

Edit: LO Pop Up https://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/809ebe24

As you talk aboutpop-ups, I guess this is happening in a desktop session. But you fail to tell which DE you use.

I thought about a screen shot but they go away before you can get it done.
But thanks for the info on LO, I do have that open but not in this screen or even in this particular desktop (dual monitor setup) I’ll look at what i can do to turn those off

System Setup:
KDE 5.64.0 Plasma 5.17.3 Qt: 5.13.1
Libre Office Version: Build ID: 30(Build:2)

Perhaps you have accessibility options turned on…

Press the print screen button on the keyboard and then use a graphics app eg ginp to crop the part in question to post.

I’ve seen a bug report where LO popups were appearing on the wrong screen when using dual monitor setups, can’t immediately find it though:( …

I guess that’s maybe what you’re seeing …

It is from LO, I can reproduce it hovering over the bottom row icons for language and zoom.
I dont see any “Turn off/on accessibility” option there in the LibreOffice Options.
Where do i check that?
What i see under Accessibility is:
*allow animated images
*allow animated text
*use system colors for page previews
everything else is unchecked
In KDE System Settings the accessibility stuff is all turned off
But even then, why do these popups show up when LO is minimized or even on a different screen or desktop?
Sounds like a LO bug doesn’t it?

OK, see what location on LO this is, works as expected with dual screens on Tumbleweed with GNOME DE as in it stays with LO.

Perhaps some theme or customization…

@OP, if you create a test user and login as the test user. Does the issue duplicate?

That’s not the same as the bug report I’ve seen, (and still can’t find!). In that report it was purely LibreOffice’s tooltips appearing on the wrong screen when LibreOffice was in use. Actually there are quite a lot of reports in general about LO not behaving very well on multiple screen set-ups.

Sounds like a LO bug doesn’t it?

Indeed, and probably worthy of a bug report.

As temporary “fix” you could disable LibreOffices tooltips.

Tools -> Options ->LibreOffice -> Advanced -> “Open Expert Configuration”

In the search field enter “org.openoffice.Office.Common” (without the quotes)

Select the line “Help – Tip – boolean – true”

Then press “Edit” to change the value to “false”

Confirm the change with “OK”