Where do submit feature requests for zypper?

where do submit feature requests for zypper?



What is it that you’re looking to do with zypper? It’s possible that it might already do it, and if you asked that question, someone would be able to tell you how to achieve what you’re trying to do. :slight_smile:

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so you know how there is a progress bar in the Raspberry pi’s packages manager? I was wondering if zypper did that and how to make it a default feature on my computer.

@40476 use zypper -vvv dup to show verbose output…


Those progress bars are at the best keeping you away from relaxing and taking a beer.

At the worst they are fooling you in to let you think they provide anything more useful, then: yes, I am still doing something.

It is not for nothing that they stopped showing one in YaST > Software > Software management during the installation phase of a bunch of packages.

I see, so I guess i just chill out now since this isn’t really an issue?

As these are irrelevant informations for “normal” users, the standard is to surpress them. Advanced users should be able to read the man pages and enable verbose informations. Only some examples for different package management tools:

zypper -vvv
rmp -vh
apt --show-progress
urpmi -v