Where do I get aircrack for openSuse


I want to use aircrack on my PC, but I can’t find it in Yast or here.
I can download it from the aircrack homepage, but there I don’t get the same like in BackTrack3 (airodump-ng or something doesn’t work).

Don’t You have to set Your card to a “sniffing” mode in CLI??

Hey there,

You should be able to compile the latest 1.0 RC1 and it should do the trick and it will have all of the utilities (airodump-ng, etc.)

If that is not working please provide some more specifics on what exactly is not working, any error messages, etc. Also, what wifi card / chipset are you using (check with lspci) ?


looks like it is in the packman repo’s so fi you have packman added to your repo’s then yast should find it
but anyways here is a link for 11.0 http://packages.opensuse-community.org/index.jsp?distro=openSUSE_110&searchTerm=aircrack
and for 11.1 Webpin
since you didn’t say what version of OS your running

which trick?

I didn’t find it in the packman repository.


ia m using openSUSE 11.1 KDE 4.1

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From what i’ve seen on their website they have patches and source for aircrack. I don’t know where is the problem then? Have You got at least supported chipset?

ok, thank you.

I think you have to build it yourself because of the legal issues in Germany that forbids that kind of apps… And since most of the packman repos are located there… they can’t host it.
You need to load source code from aircrack-ng and specs rpm from packman site and then install dependancies and go and pray God to buildrpm work :slight_smile:
see here…
[ERROR] Aircrack-ng - openSUSE Forums](http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/405136-error-aircrack-ng.html)