Where do i find the Klipper shortcut?

changed the Klipper shortcut from Meta-v to Alt-v, and
changed Maximize Window Vertically to Meta-v, and now i want to do the same on another box, but

Where do i find the Klipper shortcut (that displays the “Plasma - Clipboard Items” menu)?

Just to be clear, you’re looking for the icon that the arrow is pointing to?
(as seen in partial screenshot)

And you’re wanting to add it to some panel ???


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Well, clicking on the icon gives you the option to edit the setup and thus the shortcuts.

I’m not sure if it’s that simple. If the icon isn’t there, you probably haven’t used klipper. You can click on that icon, so the hidden icons / plasma miniprograms appear.


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You can “edit” the Panel you wish to add it to and then select it from the table of entries … or as demonstrated earlier, add the System Tray, which contains a few widgets…


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thanks guys, yup there it is, i was looking in systemsettings:shortcuts and not finding…

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