Where can I upload rpm's I want to make available?

I’ve got src, x86_64 and i686 rpm’s for some packages I want to post about…where can I upload them where everyone can easily get to them and pick whether they want the src or the precompiled i686, x86_64 etc?

you could ask one of the hosters, e.g.packman. failing that,you could have your own ftp server,that’s what i’m gonna do soon


Andy and Famewolf, make sure you let us all know of your ftp server whereabouts! ;o)


I’ve taken a fedora 9 src rpm and built packages for suse since they don’t exist anywhere I can find (I used webpin to check) and then I modified the /etc/rc.d/xxxx and the /etc/xxxx.conf files to make them work for suse. I’d like to make both the rpm’s and the changed files available so I could post about the application but so far not luck…so in the meantime I’ve emailed both the application owner and Pascal/Guru to see if the packages can be made available.

OBS sounds like a good place also should packman not wish to take them on.


just tell us where you got them from, and if anyone want’em they can
get’em from there too…

or are you talking about an opensource something you have created?
if so, try http://sourceforge.net/index.php

SourceForge.net is the world’s largest Open Source software development
web site. SourceForge.net provides free hosting to Open Source software
development projects with a centralized resource for managing projects,
issues, communications, and code.”

and (maybe) click on create project…

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