where can I set to let the mouse wheel

where can I set to let the mouse wheel turn one page each time…

My mouse is Logitech V500.
Is there another driver for it more adapter?

Each click of the wheel generates a button 4 or button 5 event pair. (You can use the program xev to see this.) Each application writer determines how to interpret these events. Check the preferences for your specific application. What application are you desiring this for?

For KDE applications, see the Advanced tab of the mouse preferences.

like Firefox

Those seems to be similar to the more common thumb buttons found on most mice. Try googling for ‘imwheel’ it’s a program you’ll need for it.

Bit of a poor answer… but the best I can do as I never managed to my thumb buttons to work in anything other than Firefox… which understands them out of the box as of openSUSE 11.0.

You can get to lots of firefox settings by typing


in the address bar. I’m away from my PC with a mousewheel at the moment so can’t test, but I’d bet that fiddling around with


would be a start…

Firefox has many configuration options. See Hacking Firefox: Navigation and Tab Browsing.