Where can I get the 4.3Gb 11.1 64bit DVD ISO?

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to find a mirror with the 4.3Gb x86 64bit ISO file but none of them have it. It’s always present in the index list but either downloads as a zero byte file (i.e it isn’t there) or as a 350Mb file, which is no good at all.

Has it been removed from distribution for some reason?

It depends, the server on opensuse redirects the request to a mirror near you.

Check this list to dowload it.

openSUSE Download Mirrors - 11.1

Thanks but I should probably have been clearer.
I’ve worked my way down that list of mirrors but as I’ve said, none of them seem to have the .iso I want.

Index of /distribution/11.1/iso

My preference is to use bittorrent

Had a look here ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/distribution/11.1/ use the torrent,less chance of producing a coaster


Maybe i should have asked earlier :slight_smile:

Are you using Windows and Internet Explorer to download the image??

If yes then you need to download it with other web browser as the IE doesn’t support downloading files bigger than 4GB :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t know that. Good to know next time one of my friends wants to download OpenSUSE and can’t. Altho most use Firefox.

I think this might have changed with IE8

I’m using Firefox 3.0 (on an NTFS partition) so it isn’t a problem with the filesize limit.
As I’ve said already, some mirrors link to a 350Mb file - and it’s the same file - despite indicating on their indices that the file is supposed to be 4.3Gb.

I’d use a torrent manager sure, but I’m trying to download this file in university and torrents are blocked.

Why not try wget then. Else know anyone in the IT department, they may
download it for you if you ask them?

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$59.95 & shipping.


I just had the ITS department at my college update their openSUSE files (they still had 10.3 as the highest one!). So now you can download it from here:


I’ve tested this while I was still at the main campus of my college so it SHOULD work for you.

Good Luck,


you almost made me spit out my coffee :wink:

If you keep moving up to the higher level directories you can even get the factory builds ftp://carroll.aset.psu.edu/pub/linux/distributions/opensuse/factory/iso/ as well as other linux distributions ftp://carroll.aset.psu.edu/pub/linux/distributions/.

Good Luck,


Hi all,
a few weeks ago I opened this post looking for help with getting the SUSE 11.0 ISO. Well, read the first post and you’ll see. Anyway thanks for all the help. Turns out it was my college blocking the download somehow. The admin staff here aren’t sure why the network allows the 4.3Gb Apple file but then they’re not really sure why the Windows file is blocked in the first place since it’s very much a legitimate download for the computer science faculty here. :\

Something to consider in future I suppose.

Well you can try there DistroWatch.com: openSUSE and Im 100% you can find it. Dont give up.

Good luck