Where can I get info on the Opensuse directory tree?

I am looking for explanations on how Opensuse utilizes the root directories. Like what decides if a program goes in /bin vs /sbin vs /usr/bin etc…

In other words, a breakdown of the directory structure and how each part is utilized. I am trying to get more familiar with it so it will be easier for me to locate things and I will know where to look for X part of a program that does Y.

SuSE is pretty close to the → Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

Thanks…I have viewed that before but couldn’t remember the correct keywords to google it up again.

Is there any significant part of it you know of that OS deviates from?

No. SuSE used to put KDE3-stuff (binaries, libraries etc.) into /opt for some reason, but since KDE4 they use the standard as well.