where can I find VPS OpenSuse tutorial?

I’m a noob and was wondering where can I find VPS tutorial

I know one vpsbibile.com but it is to setup debian/ubuntu VPS using CLI

I want to use webmin or something of free control panel instead

if there’s anyone who can share links of how to setup opensuse 11 on VPS will be much appreciated

why Suse isn’t so popular when I google? maybe those tuts are in germans :stuck_out_tongue:

If you understand the method, it should be possible to extend it to other distros. Just make sure if you need to install any softwre you do it the sise way and not using apt-get …


is there any tuts for that?

is it su - zypper install XXXX ?

where can I find a cheatsheet for OpenSuSe CLI :shame: