Where can I find old versions of repository packages?


I have been using VLC version 0.9.9a so far (on openSuSE 11.1), and I upgraded today to the latest version in the packman repository: 1.0.1-3.

But it works far worse than the one I had before. And I did not have RPM file caching enabled.

So, where can I find a binary package for this (and any other) package from packman (or any other of the default openSuSE repositories)?

Thanks a lot!!

Maybe this will help

Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

Maybe I did not make myself clear.

I want to find old versions of a package. The packman, VLC and other repositories only have the lastest version of each package…

Yes. The latest versions are, in my experience, often Broken packages. We need an easy way to downgrade, and we can’t do that, per any instructions I have read, unless we can select an older version in yast, or point zypper to it. But the older (working) versions aren’t listed and zypper can’t find them without a ‘stable’ repo (which does not seem to exist). In short, is there any way to find / access / install the Old Working Versions of packages, rather than just stop using our computers for days/weeks, until a problem is fixed in a newer release? I’m on the n-th re-broken for some packages (where did ‘sleep’ go in the “leave” menu, why is my email broken, why are some of my USB drives inaccessible after that upgrade, etc). It would seem the only solution is to ignore all security/bug/etc fixes unless a way to Downgrade is available. Doing entire system-backups for every little update is a LOT of time-consuming effort to “work around” a simple “downgrade” command, as can be done in yum, etc.

I don’t know that you’d find a binary package for that far back … 5 years thereabouts ?

Source packages as far back as 0.1.99 are held on ftp.mirrorservice.org (University of Kent, UK).

See here for 0.9.9a ftp://ftp.mirrorservice.org/sites/videolan.org/vlc/0.9.9a/

It may be better to give a few more details of what doesn’t work so that members can perhaps point you to fixing the issues. If after this the issues remain then consider raising a bug with the devs.

if the original install was from a DVD, suggest looking there