Where can I find "experimental" version of FFmpeg?

My plan was to convert a large .3gp mobile phone video to a smaller .flv flash vid using WinFF, but it turns out I can’t use WinFF to convert anything because of some sort of licensing issue that I discovered about FFmpeg (arguments like “directpred” and “libfaac” are not recognized).

I also learned of an “experimental” FFmpeg that still has all the tools. (WinFF worked for me in OSS 12.3, but no longer since upgrading to 13.1.) I checked the packman repositories, but there are no telltale offerings of an “experimental” version.

Could someone please give me a clue as to what to look for? Thanks in advance!

linux 3.11.10-17-desktop
OpenSuse 13.1 (bottle) (x86_64)

Maybe go straight to the horses mouth


They have a forum and mailing list that might be helpful here. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :shame:

No worries. Keep us informed of your adventure/findings/progress. :slight_smile:

You can grab the ffmpeg source rpm from Packman (zypper si ffmpeg), then rebuild the RPM with --enable-libfaac --enable-nonfree and voila, you have an RPM for ffmpeg with FAAC enabled without having to recompile everything else.

Had to do this for a hbbtv project where we needed aac enabled audio - as you can imagine, I can’t host the files in OBS because they’ll beat my butt with a stick and Packman doesn’t want to host them either.

Good idea, and a little more convenient than source from the ffmpeg site.