Where can I find Configure Desktop Environment panel?

To learn more about Plasma, I opened this link:

It tells me that I can open the ‘Configure Desktop Environment panel’ from the ‘System Settings’
Well, I can find ’ System Settings’ for sure.
After clicking on it, I get a window with quite some entries, like:

  • Appearance
  • Workspace Behavior
  • Window management

and so on…

But I do not see a ‘Configure Desktop Environment panel’.

Where can I find it?

I have OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 and when installing it I choose with KDE. So I guess I have Plasma.

you are not the only one

the article is from Sep 2022 so it should be for KDE 5 and not 6

This articel is also unprecise in other places. A big no go is also, that he nowhere mentioned for which Plasma version he wrote this article…

But in most cases, an articel which has a name scheme like “X unknown secrecret hidden features which will make your computer 1000% faster” is not precise or helpfull at all…it’s clickbaiting…

I concur. It might be more useful the the OP described what they’d like to achieve.