Where are these files coming from?


I have noticed a group of 12 files arriving in my home directory.
Can anyone tell me which app is generating them and if there may be a problem?

They are named “dbgmd-000*.hash.cert” - the “*” is in the form 01 to 12.

If I delete them, they will pop back at some time. I have not yet been able to associate an action with their appearance.
I have tries to open them with Kleopatra, but it (she?) says “Could not determine certificate type of …”
The “dbgmd” string suggests a connection with a SmartCard application/driver. But to the best of my knowledge, I do not have installed

Any thoughts…

Regards, Martin

Googling for “dbgmd-000*.hash.cert” listed this old bug report as first result:

This in turn points to https://lists.gt.net/gentoo/user/211929 for a “workaround”.

In short, these files are apparently generated if some log level is set to “expert” or “guru” in the GPG settings (which you can change in Kleopatra btw) it seems.

Thank you.

All I can say, is your “google” is better than mine;)
I have been searching for days! Ho Hum…

Regards, Martin

Well, maybe Google “learned” that I am only searching for technical issues? :wink:

Anyway, glad I could help you.