Where are the programs default for a user

Where can i find the program folders each user uses. To change the user default under kde i believe it was a hidden folder.

Not sure what you mean but have a look under systemsettings->applications->places


Your question is not clear. Could you rephrase it differently with an example perhaps?

I think like @hui
otherwise in the same location just above in File Association, depending on the type of file you can change which program will be the default to open this file.

Most applications store their settings in $HOME/.config . However, some store them elsewhere. For example, “firefox” uses $HOME/.mozilla

As others have suggested, it is usually best to use systemsettings to make changes.

I hope that, everyone is clear about the difference between a “Directory” and a “Folder” – <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directory_%28computing%29#Folder_metaphor>.


Assuming that, you’re meaning Graphical User Interface – a GUI – a “Desktop Environment” – then, for the case of Linux or anything else UNIX® or UNIX®-like (for example, Apple Mac) then, a “normal” user doesn’t need to worry about where the folders containing the machine’s Applications / Programs are located – a “normal” user isn’t aware of a system’s hardware disks – yes, there is a special case for removable media such as USB devices but, the GUI usually hides the details of the hardware path from the “normal” user …

  • From a system viewpoint, the directories where the programs which may be called by a specific user are located, are listed in a per user Environment Variable which can be inspected by each user from a Command Line Interpreter (CLI) – for each user in a Terminal Window – for the case of KDE Plasma, the “Konsole” program:

> echo $PATH

From a GUI perspective, and for the case of KDE Plasma, the “Dolphin” program, the folders where the programs are located can be found below the folder “/” – for example:

/home/<User Name>/bin/

Exactly where, on which hardware device, and/or on which hardware disk partition, the system’s program directories are located, is a matter which only the system’s administrator needs to know.

I understand thanks for the explanation.