Where are the previous dmesg/messages/syslog files?

dmesg only dumps the ring buffer for the current session. Where are the previous boot log files??? (openSUSE 13.2 x64 installation)

/var/log/README basically says “There are no longer helpful log files, install a traditional logger.” However that leads to a conflict with systemd.

How do I view previous logs for debugging a system issue?

Am I seriously going to have to write a custom script that appends dmesg to a file / clears dmesg / syncs every few seconds to debug a system issue?

journalctl -b -1

for previous boot. This assumes /var/log/journal is present; if not, just create this directory (there is a package that contains only this directory, I forgot the name).

Already went through journalctl. It’s not nearly as detailed as dmesg. What was the problem with syslog that it had to be removed? It’s work FINE for YEARS.

Why don’t the instructions in /var/log/README work? Zypper gives a conflict.

I do not know what you mean under “detailed” but I just compared dmesg and journal on 13.2 (by actually diff’iing output) and journal contains all messages present in dmesg output.

Why don’t the instructions in /var/log/README work?

They do.

Zypper gives a conflict.

Sure; this is intentional. systemd-logger is supposed to conflict with other syslog implementations to force removal of them if it is installed. Just resolve conflict by removing systemd-logger.