Where are the ingredient packages of my AppImage?


My OpenRA RA AppImage YAML presently looks like this:

app: openra-ra

     - make
     - git
     - lua51
     - lua51-libs
     - dos2unix
     - shared-mime-info
     - pkgconfig(mono)
     - desktop-file-utils
     - https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA.git

     - lua51
     - lua51-libs
     - SDL2
     - mono-core
     - zenity
     - xdg-utils
     - openal-soft
     - freetype2

  - tar xf $BUILD_SOURCE_DIR/thirdparty.tar.gz
  - cp $BUILD_SOURCE_DIR/Changelog.md .
  - cp $BUILD_SOURCE_DIR/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb.gz thirdparty/download
  - dos2unix *.md
  - make dependencies
  - make core SDK="-sdk:4.5"
  - make DESTDIR="${BUILD_APPDIR}" prefix=/usr install-core
  - make DESTDIR="${BUILD_APPDIR}" prefix=/usr install-linux-shortcuts
  - make DESTDIR="${BUILD_APPDIR}" prefix=/usr install-linux-mime
  - make DESTDIR="${BUILD_APPDIR}" prefix=/usr install-linux-appdata
  - rm -rf ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/lib/openra/mods/{cnc,d2k} ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra-{cnc,d2k} ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra*server ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/icons/hicolor/*/apps/openra-{cnc,d2k}* ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/applications/openra-{cnc,d2k}.desktop ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/applications/openra*server.desktop ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/appdata/openra-{cnc,d2k}.appdata.xml
  - install -Dm644 ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/openra-ra.svg ${BUILD_APPDIR}
  - install -Dm755 ${BUILD_SOURCE_DIR}/openra.appimage.in ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra-ra
  - sed -i -e "s/{MODID}/ra/g" ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra-ra
  - sed -i -e "s/{TAG}/bleed/g" ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra-ra
  - sed -i -e "s/{MODNAME}/Red Alert/g" ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/bin/openra-ra
  - sed "s/{MODID}/ra/g" packaging/linux/openra.desktop.in | sed "s/{MODNAME}/Red Alert/g" | sed "s/{TAG}/bleed/g" > temp.desktop
  - sed -i -e "s/{MOD}/ra/g" temp.desktop
  - echo "StartupWMClass=openra-ra-bleed" >> temp.desktop
  - install -Dm 0755 temp.desktop ${BUILD_APPDIR}/openra-ra.desktop
  - install -Dm 0755 temp.desktop ${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/applications/openra-ra.desktop
  - sed "s/{MODID}/ra/g" packaging/linux/openra-mimeinfo.xml.in | sed "s/{TAG}/bleed/g" > temp.xml
  - install -Dm 0755 temp.xml "${BUILD_APPDIR}/usr/share/mime/packages/openra-ra.xml"
  - find ${BUILD_APPDIR}/

The problem is that I do not see the ingredient package’s contents anywhere within ${BUILD_APPDIR}, that is /var/tmp/build-root/AppImage-x86_64/usr/src/packages/openra-ra-0-Build0-x86_64. The resulting AppImage starts for like a second, then crashes because:

OpenRA engine version {DEV_VERSION}
Red Alert mod version {DEV_VERSION}
on map 8ce410a3bc3ab91d6580cbdda52eea9ba52fbac5 (Desert Shellmap by Scott_NZ).
Date: 2018-06-07 03:22:32Z
Operating System: Linux (Unix
Runtime Version: Mono 4.2.1 (Debian CLR 4.0.30319.17020
Exception of type `System.DllNotFoundException`: liblua.so.5.1
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) Eluant.LuaApi:lua_newstate (Eluant.LuaRuntime/LuaAllocator,intptr)
  at Eluant.LuaRuntime..ctor () <0x41519430 + 0x002d7> in <filename unknown>:0 

which unless I’m reading it wrong means it cannot find liblua.so.5.1. Running:

sudo find /var/tmp/build-root/AppImage-x86_64/usr/src/packages/openra-ra-0-Build0-x86_64 -name "liblua.so.5.1"

returns what I expected, nothing. Yet as you can clearly see I listed lua51-libs as an ingredient package. Any ideas what I need to do to fix this?

Thanks for your time,