Where are the drivers stored?

Where are the drivers stored in 11.1?

I dock and undock my laptop and use the profile manager to take care of the different configurations but it seems that after I did the kernel update the profiles have been lost so my undocked profile has the incorrect mouse and video settings (it contains those of my docked profile). I’ve reconfigured the video but cannot find the IBM trackpoint listed in the mouse settings of YAST.

How can I can it back?

Profile data is stored under /var/lib/scpm/profiles/
They are not drivers.

Yep, I found the profile data but couldn’t open or edit them even as su.

I was more after where YAST gets it’s list of vendors from when setting things like displays, mice, etc. Under mouse, IBM is not listed as a vendor so I cannot set my trackpoint up properly. When I installed 11.1, the setup found and identified the trackpoint correctly and the mouse was set as IBM TPPS/2 Trackpoint. I wanted to know why YAST doesn’t list it in it’s list of vendors when clearly it is located somewhere.

I finally got round it by just editing the xorg.conf manually and adding the details I got from xorg.conf.install. I was just concerned as in the xorg.conf file it says not to edit it manually.

Any ideas where the IBM trackpoint file is located and why it’s not listed in YAST as an option? Is it possible to get it listed?

If you have already changed xorg.conf file and it is working, then, don’t worry. That file will be automatically saved by SCPM when you switch profile.
An undesired side effect of openSUSE update is that it sometimes even change the configuration files such as xorg.conf in the wrong way.
I always keep a copy of the working xorg.cong file in a separate directory.
I don’t now how Yast picked up the hardware configuration correctly earlier. From yast, click “Hardware” and then, click “Hardware Information”. See if that list shows this too.