Where are the Control Center> Peripherals >Mouse in KDE 4.1?

Where are they?
I can’t find them anywhere!
KDE 4.1 is getting ridiculous…

What settings are you looking for exactly?

In any event, if you open System Settings (listed in Kickoff as “Configure Desktop”) and type “mouse” in the search box at the top you should find the module you’re looking for.

What the OP may be looking for are the detailed/advanced settings for the mouse. For example, I always lower the acceleration on my mouse so that the pointer won’t scoot off the screen at the slightest touch. I never could find it in KDE 4.1, with search, a magnifying glass or dozens of Google searches. It apparently ain’t there.

The lack of control over the mouse in KDE 4.x is one of about 30 reasons why I dumped 4.1 and backed off to KDE 3.5. The lack of mouse config may have been added back in 4.2, but I’m waiting a while before I try anything with “KDE” or “4” in the name, so I don’t know. :slight_smile: