Where are the application images stored

I was wondering where all the icons or the application images are stored, like the fiefox icon. I know they are stored somewhere but i just cant remember where.

I am using suse 12.1 - gnome

If you’re curious -

I have successfully added an eclipse application to the activities/applications area so that i can add it to my favorites, instead of having to look through my files to launch it from there. However right now it doesn’t use the eclipse ‘icon’ (the purple circle) and i know the reason why is because i didnt add the icon that is located in the eclipse folder to the icons folder. I did this successfully before on the exact same setup, but i found a blog post on how to do it, but i have been unable to re locate the blog post.


Although I use KDE, I’d suggest you to open the *.desktop file of Eclipse and have a look at it. For example, here I’ve got for the Dolphin shortcut:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u
GenericName=File Manager
GenericName[zh_TW]=[Chinese stuff]

And modify the ‘Icon’ Entry with an absolute path to icon, or it’s name in the current icon set you use. I hope this is what you wish :wink:


Sensible** installed** apps used to keep their icons (as .png images usually) in /usr/share/pixmaps I guess this has probably changed, but they should still be somewhere like /usr/share/<something sensible>

I have eclipse, and I have also made an icon for it (in my main menu, not sure about your activities). I have not “installed” eclipse - I downloaded it & extracted it & ran the app. So it has not installed any files for me in /usr/share or wherever. And hence no icon in my menu.

I right-clicked my menu & chose edit menu. I added “Eclipse” to be run from “/home/james/Eclipse/eclipse” which is the executable file.
I changed to icon (just click it) to point at “/home/james/Eclipse/eclipse.png” Save & bingo.

You can then add this menu item to a launcher, to the desktop (in desktop-with-things-on-it mode) etc. I assume this applies to activities too.

Note: I can’t remember the exact path I downloaded eclipse to, so it’s a guess there :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Thanks I got it working!

I just had to wrong path to the icon in the eclipse.desktop folder.

Ok while it does show up, its not quite what i wanted/had last time. I did get it to show up in my applications and it launches fine, i guess its a nit pick but the eclipse icon has a white border around it which just sticks out and annoys me.

I have tried using different versions of the same image, and with different extensions, like .jpg and .xpm (i changed the path in the eclipse.desktop too) but it still yields the same result as if I had made no change at all.

See the picture here: corbinc’s uploaded images - Imgur

It also doesn’t show up under the “programming” subsection either, I though that’s what the “Categories” in the .desktop was for?

Here is what my eclipse.desktop looks like:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Java IDE

And the contents of my eclipse can be found on that webpage i posted above, whose path is: /home/corbin/Dropbox

If you create the shortcut via the menu editor, you can place it in the correct category. You can then drag n drop that shortcut wherever you like.

The menu editor creates the .desktop file for you. I don’t know whether the .desktop files knows in which category it is to be placed, or whether there is some menu config which tells the menu where each .desktop file should live…

Oh yeah, the eclipse icon has a white border. The shortcut just uses what it is given. You can edit the icon image in (eg) gimp & remove the white background and make it transparent instead. Make sure to edit the .png image. Colours > Colour to Alpha (choose White > Alpha) would be my starting point there.