Where are the 11.2 repositories?


I recently downloaded the 11.2 live kde cd from the open SuSE site and have installed from it.

I then try to, via yast, to update what was given on the cd and also to install other software. However, the repositories listed all fail as being non-accessible.

I’ve heard that they were moved but their addresses were not changed for inclusion on the cd.

The repos I’m seeing are all of the form “http://download/opensuse.org/distribution/11.2/repo…”

So… anybody know where are they now?


Index of /repositories

A number of them can be added through:
Repository manager -> Add -> Repo’s by the Community. It will show a list.

Since you just start, I’d stick to just 4 repos. The 2 distribution ones (remove the CD/DVD entry), the update repo, and the Packman repo. Get to know the system first before you start upgrading (with non-stable packages).

I don’t know if it’s a typo, but the repos are here:
Index of /distribution/11.2/repo

you wrote a slash behind download!
If this wasn’t the problem, remove the old repos, then add them again from Community-Repos.

Hi Knurpht and Zwenny.

Zwenny. Yeps, the “/” was a typo.

Knurpht, I did as you suggested but never saw a “Community” option…

More digging on my part revealed that some F**kwit had disconnected me from the hub in a vain attempt to fix a problem of their own.

My apologies. Once reconnected and back on the web, I saw the “Community” tab and away we go again.

Many thanks for the prompt reply, I will get back to the installation once I’ve finished burying the body and sanitising the crime scene.

Cheers and thanks again.