Where are grub2menu and updategrub2 located???

I have read the stickies and it is kind of confusing because they are old and I cannot find updategrub or grubmenu or grub2menu or updategrub2. I am relatively new and cannot boot to a desktop but can mount drives and the files are there. I take it that either I need to start the desktop of somehow get the grubmenu updated. Its not that clear what to do to recover and I read through the FAQs but they are old and dont match what I see. I am running the latest version of Opensuse all patched and such. It crashed after Xen failed and I no longer get a KDE desktop. And talk about bad timing. I need to get a resume out in a short time. Any help is mucho appreciated.

Sorry, but to me it is not clear what your real problem is. I have the strong feeling that you are asking for help with a step (where can I find certain files) instead of telling what you try to acchieve. It is very much possible that knowing where those files are (if they exist) might be on the wrong path to solving your real problem.

Thus please make a good description on what you have (and do not forget such basic information like which version of openSUSE, which desktop environment if any). Then descibe what you do, what you expect to happen/see, and what happened instead.

Actually this already has been answered in another one of his recent threads:http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/494895-Are-there-dpcuments-for-Grub2-and-OpenSuse-13-1