When will Squid 3.1 be available for opensuse?

Anybody knows when will squid 3.1 binary package (rpm) be available?
I noticed it was already available for other OS (Fedora, redhat, Mandriva etc…) but still nothing for opensuse.
Any news on that ?


I do not know exactly what you mean by available. openSUSE levels are deliverd with a fixed set of software (on the OSS and non-OSS repos belonging to that level). Only security and recommended updates are offered (on the Update repos) during the supported life time of the level.

I do not know what level you have (you failed to tell that), but for 11.2 there are
squid 2.7.STABLE6-2.5.2
squid3 3.0.STABLE18-3.5.1
(both from Update).
A real newer level will appear in openSUSE 11.3 (when available early enough to be tested with it).

Nevertheless it could be possible that somebody packages a newer level and puts i on openBuild. But that is not “officially” belonging to 11.2. You could search for it on Software.openSUSE.org. And an RPM made for another distro can be insalled, though the places where the parts of the package are stored may be different from expected from a “real” openSUSE package.

Thanks Henk.
By available I mean released.
I am running squid 3.0.STABLE10 and I’m looking for the feature follow_x_forwarded_for which seems not to be available with squid 3.0 (although it was available with previous versions such as 2.7) and apparently it has been added again with squid 3.1.
Checking the repos, this version is still not released although this is already there for other linux distributions.
I hope an rpm build for that version will be released soon.

When you have understood what I wrote, you will now understand that squid 3.1 will not be released in 11.2 at all. There is a change that somebody will put it on the OBS. You could call that “release on OBS” when you want that.

Thus your real question is: “Will somebody please be so kind to put squid 3.1 on the openSUSE Build Service”? Most of us (except maybe the girl/guy that is going to do it when she/he exists) will not know when this will be the case.