When will Qt-4.4.1come to Factory?

It’s been out since July, when will it be in Factory? It fixes at least one very annoying printing bug (not being able to print PDF’s in Okular) and a minor annoying one (bad settings when opening the printing dialog, combo of selected printer but prints to file is actually on).

Bug 162793 – Qt handles real printers as local file
Bug Tracker — Trolltech

Strange question, it’s in for over a month: commit libqt4

I’ve been using Index of /repositories/home:/anubisg1/openSUSE_11.0 in 11.0 for some time now; some of his are 4.4.2

His factory url is Index of /repositories/home:/anubisg1/openSUSE_Factory

PS: a number of his rpms are ported over to Packman;)

Ah! I was assuming Qt4 would be in KDE4 Factory as well. Thanks for the info, folks. :slight_smile:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_Factory provides 4.4

Rather risky to advise to use some random (home: ) repository (it could upgrade also other not wanted stuff eg), just use Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt44 if you really need some 4.4.2 snapshot - which the original reporter doesn’t to solve his problem.