When to install SAMBA-32bit


when do i have to install the 32bit-version of SAMBA additionaly?
i have openSUSE 11.4, openSUSE 12.2 and now openSUSE 13.1
instalaed with 64bit kernels and samba as s workgroup-server for
WINDOWS clients (XP 32bit & W7 64bit).

Best regards

You don’t have to.
Except you are using 32bit programs (clients) on your 64bit system. (wine most likely)
But then, those packages should pull it in anyway.

To be clear: (I think that’s your actual question)
You don’t need 32bit samba packages on your 64bit server for 32bit Windows network clients to access that server.
The 64bit server is just fine in that case.

In my case, it has been automatically added to the system, when installing the 64 bit Samba package …

And why do you ask then when you have to install it?

I guess it was installed by default, or required/recommended by another package.
You can safely uninstall it if there are no dependency problems.

It was AchimKl who was asking the question, not PiElle… :wink:

Morning guys,

That what i’ve seen:
on openSUSE 11.4 and 12.2 both versions 32bit & 64bit are installed when i do:

zypper -n in -t pattern file_server print_server

If i do that on openSUSE 13.1 i only get the 64bit version.
And yes, i only use WINDOWS Clients to access to the openSUSE
Linux-Server. The Server is not intended to work directly on it.
I only use SAMBA and Oracle Express Edition.

Thanks, this was helpful.
Best regards.

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Yeah, right. Sorry! :shame:

Again, you don’t need any 32bit packages on the server.

The clients connect via the network anyway, they don’t care whether the server is 32bit or 64bit. It’s the network protocol that matters, and that is standardized.

You only need 32bit packages to run 32bit software on that system they are installed on.

Yes, it was installed by default and works perfectly, so, actually, there’s no need to remove it.

Yes, there’s no need to remove it.
But you can if you want to and everything should work as before.

It only contains the 32bit version of pam_smbpass anyway.