When start app from KDE Menu, why bouncy icon for long time?

Whenever I start an application from the KDE Menu Launcher, the “thinking” bouncy icon starts and even after the application loads and I’m able to start using it, the icon continues for another 5-10 seconds. As well, on the task bar, it shows there’s a “window” open for that as well.

Why does it do that? Is there a way to fix this?

You can change the settings to your liking control centre - appearance & themes - launch feedback & change it there


If you have KDE4 go to system settings (configure desktop) -> Desktop -> Launch Feedback -> under Busy Cursor change “Bouncing Cursor” to “No Busy Cursor”

Right, that only removes the icon bouncing. There’s still a “window” showing in the taskbar for a long time (even though I also unchecked the “Enable Taskbar Notification”).

When I went back in to Configure Desktop, “Enable Taskbar Notification” was rechecked! (I tried it a number of times, it rechecks itself) Then I tried setting the time on it to 3 seconds, but it still shows a window in the taskbar for about 20 seconds!

Now, might be after today’s update, I got into the same problem :\

how do i make the cursor bounce when i click a file that opens an app? for example when i click document.ods that opens openoffice spreadsheet…