When it is critical to fully update?


Kindly inform: When it is the critical time or packages or other reason to run fully update?

Lets say, if I update after one month… will that be fine for the system?


I would suggest more often – say weekly. But that’s your choice.

When is it critical: when there have been reports of security exploits in the wild, and the problem has already been fixed in Tumbleweed. And that doesn’t happen too often. Short of that, there shouldn’t be a big problem in not keeping it up to date.

I’m normally updating after around 3 announcements of new snapshots.

To @OP, further to the good advice of @nrickert, this is my evolved practice, fyi.

When i first began using TW several months ago i used to dup daily. However eventually i grew frustrated with this constant disruption to my workflow [given that after pretty much every [i]dup i had to at least logout/in, but more often reboot]. I began dup’ing each couple of days, but have now pushed it out to either weekly [in [i]practice] or fortnightly [in [i]theory; but sadly for reasons i’ve still not pinned down, i can’t seem to exceed ~1 week’s Uptime before TW freezes or reboots on me. At these times, given that my workflow has been abruptly interrupted anyway, i then do the dup].

I modify the above based on my daily perusal of:

  1. https://openqa.opensuse.org/factory-package-news/
  2. https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2017-11/date2.html

If i therein see an important security fix, or a Plasma version update, i usually then arrange to do the dup & reboot more or less at that time, without regard for the interval since my previous dup [eg, even if it was only say two days ago].

You have a good point, but where/how to exactly check which packages may cause issue, if uploaded?

Or, important security updates? Your second link, is a bit too long… and isnt clear about this one particular aspect.


Well, TW is a rolling release. Released over and over again. My choice for it’s closeness to upstream ( latest and greatest, if you want ). Running zypper dup every day ( whilst preparing dinner, watching TV ). But, my provider contract has no data limits, I just pay for a 200 Mbit/sec connection. There have been occasions where I did not update TW for a couple of weeks, never had issues doing so.
So far personal thoughts. Fact: each TW-update is in fact a newly released TW version. Tested as a whole through openqa.opensuse.org . Also the updates you initially skipped if you don’t dup for a couple of days / weeks / months.

Thankyou all.


Only at times… since the rolling is too fast in tumbleweed:
If I only update kernel, will this be ok, provided say it is the update of 4.14 or one series of kernel version?


It’s up to you what you update, but what is the point of using Tumbleweed if it rolls too fast?

You need to review the Mailing List snapshot release info and decide from that.

Why not look at Leap instead? Start testing Leap 15? If it’s only kernel updates you wanting to install, then look at using Leap with the latest stable kernel from OBS?

I used to be a bit ‘over the top’ and download every iso and then update from these. Now I just update once a week (never had a problem over the last 3 years or so).

Okay… if partial update works, its fine with me.

I intend to full update once or twice a month. But the kernel update is important, I assume.