When is a relase ready?

I have been thinking about this for some time and felt now I have to ask. 11.3 has been installed on one of my test-machines since probably early alpha or so. Each new release I have wiped and reinstalled the whole machine. Now with RC1 out the door I started to wonder when is a release considered ready, feature and cosmetic wise. I find my main concerns to be cosmetic such as fonts, lack of QT integration in both Firefox and Thunderbird etc. Sure there could be bugs, but my feeling says 11.3 RC1 is just not really polished. The question is, should one expect this in a Release Candidate?

See wikipedia’s definition on various release statuses: Software release life cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have experienced the same with previous releases. I think it was 11.2 och 11.1 where at least on my machine it looked rather awful until GA where everything was fixed.

Technically it’s ready: When it’s released

It might be ready for you Now, but folks could argue about that until the Cows Come Home