when install openSuse11, it can dead any step

I already installed openSuse11 in several PCs(both PCs and notebooks) without anyquestions, but when I install it on my computer, damnit , it always dead again and again, almost made me crazy.

Mainboard: abit Kn9sli
Mem: kingMax 1Gddr2 800 x2, dual channel
Harddisk: seagate 250G stat2
FileSys: ReiserFs,(whynot Reiser’s wife miss him?)
Power: 400w, enough
keyboard and mouse (usb, but when pull them out, but problem already)
VGA: ati 1950pro, (at first I thought that maybe the vga’s driver’s problem, but uninstall the driver , no way)

Running windows XP, no problem!!!
Running OpenSuse10.2 , no problem!!
Running OpenSuse10.3 , sometimes with a little problem!!
Running openSuse11, it’s difficult to install!!

anyone, guys give me a little help???

Could u plz provide more information,other than “dead”,so that we can help?

sorry, on course of installing , I have no message, even log. Even if I wanna log very much, it’s dead, the current state message, won’t write into the /var/log/message…

“dead” is what?

  • blank/black screen? with computer running (can hear it)

  • above and Num Lock light works on/off with num lock key down/down?

  • computer powers off to DEAD, nothing works, no lights no sound?

  • and , WHEN does “dead” begin? you put in the CD/DVD and:

– NOTHING ever happens when you power on

– you see your bios but nothing else happens

– you see bios then select install and it goes black

– you do ALL the install and THEN when it boots it is “dead”

LIKE THAT! tell us when it is “DEAD”

and, what is the last thing it did before it was “dead”?

you help us, we help you…in that order.

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark

I had a problem with a Compaq laptop where the initial GUI part of the install used to get stuck (DEAD?)

I resolved that by using noapic on boot

Before you press ENTER for install, just type noapic and then do it and tell us how it went

thanks guys, a little better with noapic. but sometimes it’s just dead yet.
dead means, no anticipate, suddenly, halt. keyboard and mouse and others no response…