When install Leap with MATE DE: Nothing provides mate-session-manager


I have 1 week experience with OpenSuse Leap, only with 2 installs on a HD test.
Now I want to install a “real” system.
I want MATE DE, so I did so far:

  • Tick on-line …
  • Partition construction
  • Add 4 new repos OSS and non-OSS). I had to try few times, maybe due to my Internet line is not good.
  • Users and passwords
  • and Now softwares.
    When I click on “MATE Base System” or “MATE Desktop Environment” I get the error message:
nothing provides mate-session-manager needed by patterns-openSUSE-mate_basis-20150918-12.1.x86_64
Conflict Resolution:
1: do not install pattern:mate_basis-20150918-12.1.x86_64
2: break pattern-openSUSE-mate_basis-20150918-12.1.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

Why I get this message, could it be due to my bad line? How to test?
What should I do.


Show us output of zypper lr -d to make sure you have all the right repos

BTW it is easier to install without then add mate after a good install


I think I didn’t explain where I am in the install process. I am still in the installation setup, nothing done in the HD.
I can read:

Installation Settings
Click a headline to make changes
Default system target
Firewall and SSH
Clone system configuration

AFAIK, I don’t have any terminal here.

But you wrote it’s easier to install after a “good” install.
Earlier, I tried that and I looked not easy at all.
Could you provide a link or tell me how to do in a easy way?
And what is a “good” install for that?
I’ll choose the easier for me, if I can fix the issue here.

Yep best to leave mate until after the install. then you can trouble shoot

In the install process, I did some back to repo selection to activate them again.
The issue was due to my bad Internet line.
After that I got all the repo activated and all want well with MATE packages.

But now instead of MATE DE, I get IceWM login window and DE.
Should I do what nrickert wrote?

Two steps:

  1. Install “lightdm”
  2. Edit “/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager” and set Code:
    (It will be current set to “xdm”.

Then reboot, and you should get “lightdm” as a login screen. There you can select which desktop, and MATE should be one of the selections.

I did the change.
I get a selection screen with user name and DE (IceWM and MATE). Working fine…
However the background is horrible, without picture, out of phase and glinting. I’d guess this screen should be different.
Any idea?

Select a back ground you do have to do more setup since mate is not a normal openSUSE desktop so has not had many defaults set


Sorry again my bad explain.
The horrible screen is at the login step, in lightdm, before login, not when I am in MATE DE.
I don’t know how to change it

Sorry don’t know if or how to change lightdm theme

AFAIK you should be able to use another DM with mate maybe gdm or ssdm You can change it in Yast - System - /etc/sysconfig editor - Desktop - Display manager - DISPLAYMANAGER

Reboot and now it’s good.
I’d guess this was due to the first login.

Thanks for your time and see you for other question …as I said I am new with OpenSUSE and I have a lot to learn