When can we expect to see GCompris 9.0 for Suse 11.2?

[Free Education Software GCompris]](http://gcompris.net/-News-)

GCompris development team is happy to share with you the release of the version 9.0

Sorry, looks like it was just a misconfiguration in the Education OBS repo. GCompis 9.1 was already available for Factory - should in a few hours also be available for 11.2.

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Thanks for the update but the folks that were using Suse for their kids switched to another distribution a month ago so they could use the new version.

Where did you get this information? Three year olds that scan the internet for new versions of Gcompris? Come on. Be glad that packages for openSUSE are carefully built and tested. Parents that only allow bleeding edge packages for their children?

This is from the system my daughter has been using from birth:

glosscomputer@GjLzelF:~> rpm -qa | grep gcompris

I guess all gcompris-distro-hopping kids and parents now will reinstall openSUSE?

They were having problems with GCompris working on their system so they went to the gcompris.net site mentioned in the documentation and saw that OpenSuse was several versions behind.

I’m sure your warm, welcoming and supportive post will convince them and others seeing it that OpenSuse is the distribution and community they want to join.