When are packages actually released into Factory

Since I’ve been running Factory to test it, there seems to be days at at time when there are no packages available for update (which on a rolling distro, seems unlikely over the large number of packages).

I was curious about if anyone knew about how the process of the package updates. From what I’ve deduced, it seems that the repos are only updated once a snapshot correctly builds (and probably passed openQA).

That seems to be about right.

You can look at the openQA site to see what is going on. The last DVD tests that I see are for 20140904.

Which would match about the last time I had any updates.

The last updates were from snapshot 20140901. So there have been a few days of testing without updates. Presumably some problems showed up.

This maybe the wrong place to ask this but.
When it comes to trying out Factory are the Packman repos still the ones to use for multimedia & if so the Packman Factory repos? or 13.1?

Yes. For Factory you should use the Packman Factory repo, obviously.

You definitely would get dependency errors and things not working with the repos for 13.1… :wink:

Thanks wolfi,
Despite the obviousness of it I just need to have confirmation once in a while.

That’s ok of course.
Better to ask first, than to do the wrong thing and be sorry… :wink:

Sorry if I might have offended you, that was not my intention.

No offense taken.

It seems that the 20140904 snapshot has now been published (is now in factory).

I haven’t finished updating yet.