Whatt happen to Samba Personal Settings?

What happen to the Samba Settings that use to be in the Personal Settings Dialog Window. I would like to set my network Computer Name and Description instead of the default Samba-stuff description.

Where is this located now?

Where is/was the Personal Settings Dialog Window?

“Personal Settings (Configur Desktop)” Dialog Window. The one at the bottom of the “Start Menu” (Classis Look). In version 11.2 the Samba Configuration menu was there, but it’s not in 11.3. I was able to set my computer name and discription.

It’s gone in 11.3.

You can set the computer name and description in 11.3 by editing the file smb.conf directly. If you open the file with this command

kdesu kwrite /etc/samba/smb.conf

you should insert this line anywhere in the [global] stanza

netbios name = xxxxxxxxxxxx

change xxxxxxxxxx to whatever you want.

And to set the description, put this line anywhere in the [global] stanza

server string = yyy zzz aaa bbb ccc ddd

You can leave it as a blank on the right hand side if you want no description.

FFI: Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network. Versions 11.x

Ok Thanks! Is there alternate administration utility software I can install anywhere in the Software Management or Packages?

Have a look at the GUI in Yast → Network services → samba server. I don’t use it because I’m a CLI junkie (so easy, so quick), but you might like it. However there are some dangerous buttons in there. But I suppose there are dangerous buttons in the old KDE configurator too.

Yea, I used that one intially to configure the basic operation. I also don’t want to touch the other buttons myself. I’m going to take my time and study the interface before I do. I really liked the other Samba application that made it easy to make changes to shares and edit the computer description.

Well, I’ll just use the old fastion way and edit it with KWrite like you said above. Thanks Again!