What's your favorite system font ?

I tried alot so far, basic system-Sans, Mac OS-X, M$, Bitstream, DejaVu Sans etc…

Which one do you all think looks the best on your system.

(i.e: I like my Linux to look like a Mac etc.)

I myself ended up using “DejaVu Sans-Book” 10pt., 87DPI, Greyscale, None on the hinting part.

To me it look’s as close to a Mac, LOL rotfl!

Can’t understand why anyone would use verdana as a system font…

sorry, I’m still learnin :shame:

I’m using Liberation on my Laptop, so I’m none of the above or the ‘other’ option.

I prefer Fixed Misc font but it’s not in your poll

I will say one thing “there are other fonts??”, that explains my usage of different fonts :slight_smile: Am i missing something?

Fontin Sans as a general system font.

Well, I’m kinda “forced” to use the **** proprietary M$*!#@ Tahoma, because it’s the only font that can be gracefully scaled down on my laptop LCD screen with ClearType enabled. Almost anything else will get completely unreadable below size 7 or 6. This is particularly annoying when surfing the Web (HTML coders should be banned from overabusing small fonts; they are apparently so convinced that less is more and that small is beautiful, that they are progressively applying less and less common sense and smaller and smaller IQs).
I am open to suggestions though! Anyone know of good FLOSS fonts that are actually usable with ClearType on a LCD at sizes below 7? Beauty is of secondary importance to me: readability and first-rate subpixel rendering (ClearType) come first.

Dajavu Sans is my favorite. Think it would be nice to add Liberation to the list as it’s included as default in openSUSE 11.1 (& also comes very close to other well known fonts).

Calibri! imported from the Vista partition, one of the things I DO like about Vista.

I use DejaVu Sans in 11.1 but in 11.0 I used a font called Utah MT.
I didn’t find it in 11.1 anyone know what happened to it?

You should find it here.

I looked but didn’t find anything. Does anyone know if there is a guide to setting up the fonts in suse 11.1? I am able to install fonts from M$ via “Font Installer KDE3.” And I can change them in “Configure Desktop>Appearance.”

However, what does each one mean? General, Fixed Width, small, toolbar, menu, etc…? Do I set each one to the same?

And why does my firefox fonts always revert to something tiny or too big in some pages? I have tried changing the font settings in that to no avail.


Actually, I do !

the font folder (I think) is located in /usr/shar/fonts

Just, Put ANY Truetype font in that /trutype folder then walla !

Then Restart of course.

But for Mac fonts and windows fonts here ya guy’s go:

M$ Fonts : ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/AnyDistro/noarch/MicrosoftFonts-1-jen14.noarch.rpm

Mac Fonts : Mac Fonts | osx-e.org

No need to restart (linux isn’t windows :wink: ), just rebuild the font

sudo /usr/sbin/fonts-config

or if you copied them locally into your ~/.fonts

to see the current fonts

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LOL, yeah, Srry “Gate’s” Syndrome again, LOL lol!

This is the one I am using always look sharp, 'tahoma"

I’m in the same camp. I find the Liberation fonts render very clearly. I do a lot of reading on my display screens, and the Liberation fonts work so well I have Firefox render websites with them.