What's your favorite linux download manager?

I personally use GNOME gwget, but what is your favorite? I’m creating this thread out of curiousity to see if there is a better download manager. I generally use a download manager because of the better resuming support than just Firefox’s download manager, as I have an unreliable internet connection.

KDE’s KGet for me.

Hello ccarrow14,

I use DownThemAll because of the (small) speed improvement.
Although my internet connection is pretty reliable I don’t want to waste downloaded data to be lost when somehow the connection goes down.

Imagine downloading an iso file of a few Gb, one percent to go and . . . Lost!:open_mouth:

I like prozgui (where ProzGUI is a frontend for ProZilla download manager), but there are users on our forum who are strong advocates of aria2.

The prozgui site has been down for a while, but the software comes with openSUSE (as does aria2).

DownThemAll is good in FFox
Though mostly I use bittorrent for Linux .iso’s
Some work I use kget

For large download I use area2.

I use kGet, it is perfect.

you mean aria2?

You are 100% correct. Thanks for the correction?

used to use d4x for years, now kget when i need a dl manage though usually for a single file or two I use the browser’s built in dl manager

I use KTorrent and KGet mostly. I’ve also used FrostWire a great deal earlier.