What's your favorite KDE Desktop Layout? (Folder View, Desktop, etc...)

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I wonder what you guys might prefer. I’m used to Folder View and currently I’m using it. But to use “Desktop” and simply use the desktop for my background image and a few widgets may be better, because sometimes I put everything on the desktop and I have to clean it up afterwards, although I have a great folder infrastructure and a place for every type of file.

So, what do you use and why?

I’m using Desktop, though I have configured the “Folder View” widget for one of my workspaces (set to show Desktop folder, which I mainly use as my “things to do” list).

You can set this for one workspace?! I thought that’s only possible through activities.

That depends on the KDE version. When running 4.4.4, I had to set it for a different activity on each workspace. But, with 4.6.0, I was able to simply set “different widgets for each workspace” without having to touch activities. And 4.7.2 looks similar to 4.6 in that regard, though they have predefined several different activities and are encouraging us to try them by adding an icon to the panel.

I am inclined to think that their original design for activities was too ambitious. They have recognized that by allowing different widget sets and different backgrounds on each desktop, all within a single activity. And that’s what most people probably want. I guess that leaves the original activity design a bit of an orphan. But I will experiment after the upgrade to 12.1, to see if I can find a use for activities.

Is there somewhere that the “Concepts” for this KDE 4 are discussed or explained. I’m really not sure what it is all about. I have looked and if they are there, they are called something else, and I am not looking for the correct things. Anyway, if anyone can point to them I would greatly appreciate it.

Desktop with folder view and some other plasmoids :slight_smile: nice poll btw.

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I couldn’t find something to the conpects either. But I made some pics and I’ll try to explain. But the most effective way might be that you try them on your own. Just click on the “Desktop” icon, usually in the top-right corner of the desktop → Desktop settings and then you’ll see a dialog. This dialog contains a drop down menu with the label “Layout”. There you can change the layout.

SUSE Paste
This is the default “Desktop” layout. It usually has widgets on it which are in not specific order. The user set the place.

SUSE Paste
This is the “Folder View” layout. It shows a specific folder. The default is the desktop.

SUSE Paste
This is the “Grid” layout. You can add widgets and they adjust themselves to the grid. As you can see on the screenshot, I dragged the folder view widget.

SUSE Paste
This is the “Grouping Desktop”. You can add different groups and then add widgets to it. It seems to be not ready for use now or I just used it the wrong way.

SUSE Paste
This is the “Newspaper” layout. You can add Widgets beside, under or above a widget and then it will be placed like a newspaper. You are able to scroll vertically and horizontally if required. See this Plasma netbook shell: Newspaper view, September 2009 - YouTube.

SUSE Paste
This is the “Search and Launch” layout. It’s used in the “Netbook Version” of KDE. You can search programs and files by just typing and you can browse them as well. See Plasma Netbook shell: Search and launch, october 2009 - YouTube



Thanks for the reply -but- it was not exactly what I was looking for. I think I finally found it and IF you are interested you might check it out. It is the KDE History at: KDE - KDE History Has some really good info. That’s what happens when you get really nosey.:wink:

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Thanks for that, Ctwx. I didn’t know about the grid and grouping layouts.

Now I have almost 2 days the “normal” desktop and it’s ok. ^^ I’m not really a fan of many icons on my desktop, so my desktop was always clean. The “Desktop” layout helps, so I have only widgets on my desktop. I also have a folder views of the desktop, otherwise the “Desktop” folder in my Home folder would be unnecessary.

I really like the desktop layout as I make extensive use of the folder widget. I never got the newspaper layout to work on my machine (but haven’t tried in a lot of time), it was very buggy when I tried it. I have an activity with search and launch, but I use it only to show of to my MS using friends. I really don’t know why they are so impressed by it, it is not very practical in daily use. I mostly use alt + F2 to launch applications which is the greatest thing since sliced bred.

Thanks. This is useful. I haven’t really understood before quite well what grouping desktop and gird were.

I couldn’t vote. After I posted the previous post (which referred only to another post), I am said "you have already voted on this poll.
Anyway, I would have voted for “Desktop” and, if possible, for “Folder view”. I use them in different virtual desktops: “Desktop” in my main desktop, and “Folder view” in another one.

I have the folder view on my Desktop and Laptop. On the netbook I have “Search and Launch” - it is really good for small screens. When you activate the search and launch view, you will have also one workspace with newspaper layout. nikos78 is right, its really buggy, so I deleted it from the netbook.

The idea of the newspaper view in a second workspace is not too bad. Because there you can place all the widgets you want - if it only would work…

I already voted. But since I tried today for the first time the grouping desktop, I wanted to say, this would definitely get my vote. It is really great for keeping the desktop organized and functional, especially with the tab groups. I am impressed. Thank you, for making me trying out something new.

You’re welcome. I intially voted for “Folder View” but currently I’m using “Desktop” and that’s ok too. I’d probably like them both.^^

So far, I don’t even know what all those layouts mean!

Have a look at What’s your favorite KDE Desktop Layout? (Folder View, Desktop, etc…)

@Ctwx: thx a loOot for the explanation for grid and grouping desktop. Never found out what was different ever before.

I’ve been using multiple folder views on the desktop. For example I can use one as a quick path into my multimedia folder or another for downloading files into and then move them to a temporary folder to work with them, say to extract from an archive and then delete everything from right there on the desktop without ever opening a file manager. It all takes up a bit of space though and is kind of cluttered.