What's wrong with Rating thread system?

I was trying to rate a thread a while ago, that thread was already rated by some one before. When i click on the rating button, it is telling me that i already rated the thread, even i did not use that button before for that thread…

After this i tried to check other threads which are already rated and the same thing…even some threads i did not read at all, so how can i rate them…

So is this just me or this is the system issue?


Confirmed. I can’t rate this thread any more, it’s already got 5 stars. And - a user can rate his own thread. This should be blocked.

I’m reading that it’s a bug in this version of vBulletin. Stay tuned.

Kim (1/11/2010 9:36:54 AM Mountain)

vBulletin doesn’t have a patch out for this yet, but they have identified some php code in a file that is the cause of the problem and how to fix it manually, which I implemented. It seems to work for my test user. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you now. Thanks for the report by the way.

Yes, it does work.
Can we fix now the color pallet? In Firefox it appears as a blank square (since a loooong time).

Hey stakanov:

>Can we fix now the color pallet?

Help me out…where do you see this? I wasn’t even aware there was a
color pallet selection option.

Kim (1/11/2010 3:55:00 PM Mountain)

Thanks Kim for the time and work around.

I am trying to vote this thread, but the ‘vote now’ button is not working for me?
Any ideas about this.

Did you select your vote before? Do you use no-script plugin?

There is a quite known bug with the color pallet, concerning the available colors of the fonts. When you click the drop down menu, instead of the color pallet, there is everything gray, and hovering over it, it becomes white. It should be colored. A French user confirmed me the same behavior if posting from a Windows PC. Therefor apparently it is a incompatibility with FF version 3.5.x But then a third one said he tried with Chromium and it is the same…
Nobody actually complains because it is the classical thing “you can live with”. But since we are here…

If i already voted for it, it should show “You have already voted for this thread”, as it was showing before. Nope i did not vote for it before.
And no, i am not using any no-script plugin.

If this issue is related to while one is posting in the forum, so yes i confirm this… it just shows gray pallet with no colors in all browsers. Opera, FF, Chromium. Was willing to report long time ago, but lazy and forgot to report.

It seems, its working now.
I have rated another thread, and it works.

Anyway, here is the screen shot for the color pallet.


After the apparent update, now the color pallet works in the quick reply. But in advanced the situation is as before. Not functional. But I have now a very sexy outfit of the semitransparent selectionboxes and some graphical layout that is better. I am sure you going to make it Kim. Just carry on.

Boldly going…where no color pallet has never worked before. lol!