What's up with security update Opera 9.64 for openSuSE 11.1?

I’m still waiting :’( for security update of Opera v9.64 what was published on 2009-03-03. But there is no update via built in online update of openSuSE 11.1. What’s going on?

TIA, Ron.

Hard to say - it’s not even in the 11.1-test folder where Firefox update was for a while (as they don’t release patches on weekends).

I’ll ask around a bit.

it’s the same with opensuse 10.3
still nothing! :frowning:

It is very well possible to download 9.64 yourself if you think you’re in some kind of danger:

64-bit: ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/linux/964/final/en/x86_64/opera-9.64.gcc4-shared-qt3.x86_64.rpm

32-bit: ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/linux/964/final/en/i386/opera-9.64.gcc4-qt4.i386.rpm

Click on the link, save to Desktop, open terminal, type ‘cd Desktop’ (Enter), type 'rpm -iUvh opera-9.64[Tab] filename will be completed (Enter) and it’s done.
If you prefer to do so, you can open the rpm-file with the software-installer.

good luck

Thanks! I would have done so soon, but today the update was provided for 10.3. :slight_smile:

Just picked it up for 32-bit 11.1. Nice. :slight_smile:

It’s available now. Thanks to all. :slight_smile: